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Battery Management

The gps receiverof the iPhone consumer a lot of power. A fully charged battery lasts for about 5 hours tracking. Longer intervals between locations results in longer battery life. With 3 minute intervals and the iPhone in sleep mode you will be able to track for 13 hours. TrackLog needs the most power when in background while another application is active.
- Keep Intervalls as long as possible.
- Keep TrackLog in the background for a short time only.
- Go to the sleep mode while TrackLog is active in the foreground (recommended).
- Kill TrackLog after you're done tracking.
- If you will be tracking for several hours, connect your iPhone to an external power source.
Don't Do
- Put your iPhone asleep while TrackLog is in the background.

TrackLog Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is ready to download at the App Store. This version is multitask ready. The iPhone to track may be monitored and controlled remotely. While TrackLog is running you can remotely monitor battery level, application status and settings. Intervals and activities can be controlled remotely. This feature is made for sport events and must be requested from

Database Problems

TrackLog has beed moved to a new, more powerful server. Tracking is online again. I will keep you informed how stable the system runs.


Now it is possible to show a barogram of a recorded track on the map page.
Note: You need a browser, which supports the HTML 5 standard. Use either Safari 4.0 or Firefox 3.5. The Internet Explorer does not fully support this HTML standard.
Click the text in a user box in the left column. The box expands and shows more data. Click the 'Barogram' button. Underneath the map the barogram for this users track appears. The intensity of the ambient noise is shown with red bars in the background. The dimensions depend on the selected system. Move the cursor over the barogram and you will see the data at this point. if you click a position the corresponding location will be centered on the map. Now you see a marker on the map.

New Forum

I installed a bulletin board. I will publish news and information here. You may ask questions and discuss problems.

New Map Features

The tracking maps got a new menu 'More...'. Three new layers can now be selected or deselected:
  • The layer 'Photos' shows pictures which where taken at the marked places.
  • The layer 'Videos' shows movies which about the marked place.
  • The layer 'Wikipedia' shows information which about the marked place.
A click on a users marker shows information about his / her location and his / her movement.
The info box ind the left column gets a red colored background in case the glider engine or the balloon burner is running. A red altitude text at the user marker indicates the same thing.
Attention Webmasters: To get all these functionality in your iframe, you must change the address from 'ifram.html' to 'iframe.php'. For more information go to page Webmasters.

iPhone App TrackLog Description

TrackLog is designed for the use in the cockpit of a glider doing cross country flights. The application can do the following tasks:
  • Log the flight path of your flight.
  • Transmit the logger data to the internet for live tracking.
  • Use the iPhone as a communicator with prepared location messages for information or in case of an emergency.
  • Moving map.
  • Flight data display.
  • A passiv Emergency Location Transmitter.
TrackLog could be used for:
  • Gliding championships.
  • Live tracking of cross country flights.
  • Surveillance of student pilots by the instructor.
  • Aircraft surveillance in flying clubs.
  • Helps rescue crews to locate you in case of emergency.
  • Inform your ground crew and friends with googlemap emails.

Function of This Website

The location data for tracking are kept at this site. Flights can be tracked live on the tracking page. You can watch older flights on the playback page. The settings page is made to administer things like prepared communication messagges, create new groups or become a member of a group.

Content of the TrackLog manual

The manual describes how to use the iPhone app and this website.